Jasmine was amazing. Along with cuddle, we had a nice conversation. Two hrs are just like gone. She is really professional. I like the concept of cuddling. It’s like a therapy. I also like that she wants to teach everyone about cuddling and it’s uses. She is truthful. I loved it
— Avi

Happy Clients


Had a wonderful time with Jasmine. She is fun to be around and cares a lot. She is very engaging and has an awesome personality. She is a good friend to have if you are so fortuanate.

— Jolee

Super positive vibes and energy. Great conversationalist and very engaging.

— Anonymous from Baltimore 

Jazzy is truly amazing! She is not only good at snuggling, but engaging in and starting great dialogue and conversation, and giving you the security and freedom of feeling safe to be you, and talk about just about anything. She is genuine, down to earth, just amazing! I highly recommend her.

— damean

I met Jasmine recently as part of her journey to become certified as a professional cuddler with Cuddlist.com. What fun I had meeting and participating with her in an evaluation session where her prior training and experience in this emerging field came through like warm sunshine. 

Quite quickly it was easy for my kid to come out to play, and we finished the session as what seemed to be best buddies who hadn’t seen each other in years. 

As a Cuddlist-Certified Practitioner and as just another human with hurts and vulnerabilities, I value the ability of others to create a safe space where I can just “be”, with no agenda, and no pretence. JazzyPants does that, without obvious effort, like warm sunshine...

— Don w/ hhtouch


Jasmine is not only a great Cuddlist for her own clients, she also carries her passion beyond her own self interest, in order to promote cuddling as a legitimate profession. She rocks! 

Check out this Washington Post article that references her: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2018/04/20/some-people-are-paying-for-cuddles-and-its-not-what-you-might-think/?utm_term=.4e3418caf43d

This is going to be so much fun, working together to make cuddling in the DC Metro area better for us all! 

— Annie

This was my first ever experience with a pro cuddler, and Jasmine was the perfect introduction: She made me feel relaxed at ease right away, is very compassionate and insightful, and really tailored the session to my specific needs (including a little yoga at the end). She's great conversation to boot--I definitely plan to see her again.

— Anonymous

This was my first cuddle experience and all I can say is that Jasmine is a fantastic cuddler! She took the time to explain the experience to me clearly and carefully. She understood my unique needs and helped me feel comfortable and safe in a very soothing environment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a safe and comforting embrace!

— Chris

Jaz is an amazing healer, who "gets it" on the deepest level! I highly recommend!

— Anonymous from potomac