Pricing + Services


Newbie Cuddlee

$80 / 1st hour — Are you curious about cuddling but apprehensive to make the investment in yourselves.  This is the option for you. Try it out and see if you like it. I promise you will!

Signature Cuddle

$100 / 60 min — Prepare to be cuddled with a comforting strong embrace or easy soft touch. Allow us to provide you with a 1 - hour cuddle where we can lay in silence, watch a movie or talk and get to know each other (my favorite way to cuddle.)

Video conference

$60 / 30 min— This is a great option if you do not have time to meet in person but would welcome some face time to discuss concerns or current stresses that may be ailing you. Perhaps a little guided meditation is what you need or you just want to hear my soothing voice. 

lunch break cuddle

$75 / 30 min — Was it a grueling morning full of meetings, disgruntled clients and deadlines? This is a perfect cuddle if you only have a short amount of time to spare and need a serious recharge. 

Communication, Empowerment, Wellness coaching 

Please email for price — Do you have goals that you struggle to meet? We will explore your needs, desires, skills and thought processes to assist you in making real lasting changes. There are many programs to fit individual needs.