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Woman's Only Affection Workshop

  • Tangé Wellness Germantown, MD (map)

Affection Workshops are designed for participants to discover intimacy, boundaries, consent and both verbal and non-verbal communication while incorporating mindfulness, stretching and intentional movement in a 3 hour event.

The workshops are non-sexual and platonic in nature. We provide an atmosphere to discover different types of touch. Nurturing, healing and therapeutic touch are all open for discovery.

We will create a safe space to practice consent and setting boundaries. This environment is conducive to open communication without any judgement or shame for asking for what you need or want. When an agreement as been made it creates a beautiful space to explore.

Besides the practices listed above, we will also include mindfulness and stretching. Throughout the event you will have the opportunity to experience mindfulness either through guided seated meditation or walking mindfulness meditation from the teachings of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.)

You are never required to participate in any of the activities if you so choose.

There will be snacks and refreshments provided however you are welcome to bring something to share. This is a drug and alcohol free event.

Wear something comfortable such as workout clothes, sweats, jammie-jams (pajamas) yoga or gym wear. You'll want to be comfortable and move around easily.

Affection Workshop cost is $35 per person and $50 for couples. Payment can be made through:



If you should have any questions please call/text Jasmine 301-960-3451 or email